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Single Point Lubricators Deliver the Right Amount to the Right Place at the Right Time

Lubricators reduce bearing failures, accidents, costs and downtime.

With Xport Single Point Lubricators, you can deliver the right lubricant, in the right amount, to the right place, at the right time - 24/7.

The Xport line of automatic single point lubricators from Lubrication Engineers can be used for a variety of applications, including blowers, fans, conveyors, pumps, bearings, open gears and electric motors. Models include Classic, Futura, Flex, Nova, Star Vario and Star Control.

The Xport Classic automatic single point lubricator can be used for all applications with ambient temperatures of 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Simple, robust and reliable, the Classic can be used for multiple applications in the automotive, mining and steel industries.

The Xport Futura automatic single point lubricator is ideal for areas that must be kept hygienically clean or for harsh operating conditions that may lead to corrosion of metal lubricators or electronic systems. Typical industries include food, chemical, cement, mining and recycling. The color-coded activator screw determines the discharge period.

The Xport Flex automatic single point lubricator is especially useful in challenging applications in food, mining, oil and gas, quarry and refinery operations, including inside and outside in a wide range of temperatures. The electronically controlled chemical reaction will build up the pressure that is necessary to continually supply the lubrication point with fresh lubricant. Simply turn to the desired discharge period, and the system is activated.

The Xport Nova automatic single point lubricator is recommended for areas with considerable temperature variations or where intrinsic safety is a requirement. It is relied upon in several industries, including cement, food, mining, oil and gas, power plants and recycling. A built-in temperature sensor periodically measures the ambient temperature, and the drive unit calculates the required gas generation based on this data.

The Xport Star Vario and Star Control automatic single point lubricators – featuring electromechanical drive units – work great for applications that require precise lubricant metering; they are the preferred systems for electric motors with specific re-lubrication amounts. The units discharge exact amounts – independent of temperature and pressure – and are protected against dust and water jets. Typical industries include environmental technology, food, pharmaceutical, paper, and oil and gas.

Lubricators reduce bearing failures, accidents, costs and downtime with Xport Single Point Lubricators.

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