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Editor's Pick: AIRSHIELD Self-Triggering Design Removes Oxygen from Rigid & Flexible Packages

It extends the shelf life of food and beverages.

Approved by the U.S. FDA in 2017 for direct food and beverage contact applications, AIRSHIELD, from Performance Packaging (Las Vegas, NV), removes oxygen from rigid and flexible packages, thus extending the shelf life of food and beverages.

Additional advantages include:

  • Providing greater efficiencies of oxygen removal and volume levels.
  • Saving money.
  • A self-triggering design once package-filling begins.

The AIRSHIELD additive costs only a fraction of a cent per unit. It scavenges (removes) the oxygen that is trapped during the filling process and then acts as an enhanced-O2 barrier to keep the oxygen out of the container (which results in extending the product’s shelf life).

AIRSHIELD remains dormant until the package is filled with product. Additionally, it removes oxygen and is an oxygen barrier all in one product.

As a result of the AIRSHIELD oxygen barrier properties, it can continuously remove oxygen from products that release their own oxygen into the package.

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