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Military-Approved Portable Oil Analysis Lab

FieldLab offers a swift method to gauge potential machine wear by determining the presence of metallic wear particles.

Ametek Spectro Scientific

AMETEK Spectro Scientific (Chelmsford, MA) has released a unique portable oil analysis laboratory that has delivered proven operational benefits for the US Military.

The only fully portable, lab-quality oil and particulate analysis product available, it is a reliable tool for customers where access to laboratories is expensive and results typically take weeks to be returned – a problem that greatly reduces program effectiveness.

FieldLab offers a swift and inexpensive method to gauge potential machine wear by determining the condition of the oil and the presence of metallic wear particles. By measuring oil condition via molecular and viscosity analysis, FieldLab enables customers to extend service life of lubricants used in their applications, optimize labor resources, and minimize disposal costs and environmental impact.

Samples can be collected from machines such as gas-powered turbines, generators, diesel engines, gearboxes, pumps and hydraulic systems and immediately tested onsite. The results are available within minutes, allowing potential customers to make near immediate time- and cost-saving decisions.

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