Compact Direct Drive Linear Actuator with Integrated Encoder and Temperature Sensor


The Compact SDLM-051-070-01-01 Direct Drive Linear Actuator with integrated position and temperature sensors is the latest addition to the patented series of zero backlash, zero cogging, high acceleration, high speed, high resolution, long life actuators from Moticont (Van Nuys, CA). This direct drive linear Actuator, also referred to as an Electric Cylinder is 2.000 in. (50.9 mm) in diameter and the compact housing length is just 2.750 in (69.9 mm). The total length including the shaft is 4.000 in (101.6 mm).  The linear optical quadrature encoder is protected inside the actuator housing and directly connected to the shaft for the greatest possible accuracy.  Highest throughputs are achieved by the SDLM-051-070-01-01 linear actuator when operating at peak efficiency by monitoring the data from the internal temperature sensor., 888-785-1804

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