Rechargeable Head Lamp

Klein Sized

Klein Tools (Lincolnshire, IL) introduces a new addition to its line of headlamps, the Rechargeable 400 Lumen Auto-Off Headlamp, featuring all-day runtimes, energy-saving auto-off technology and a battery gauge of colored LED lights. Specifically:

  • Rechargeable LED Headlamp has 3 modes: Boost at 400 lumens – 4 hours, Spotlight at 200 lumens – 12 hours, and Floodlight at 100 lumens – 22 hours
  • When in bright light, auto-sensing technology turns headlamp off after 3 minutes to save battery (feature can be disabled)
  • Battery gauge indicates level of battery life with colored LED lights
  • Smartly designed headlamp bracket also attaches directly to Klein Hard Hats and Safety Helmets (those equipped with bracket system)
  • Slim profile with pivoting mount to allow up to a 64-degree lighting angle
  • Adjustable silicone strap
  • Light can be easily removed from bracket for recharging via micro-USB cable (included)
  • Durable headlamp: drop-test rating of 6 feet, dust and water resistant, 800-553-4676

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