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3-Axis Interlocked Guards for Mills and Drill Presses

A newly designed universal positioning system incorporates a range of Electrical Interlocked Shields for a variety of machine guarding applications.

Flexbar Sized

The Flexbar 3-Axis Universal Mount Interlocked Guards from Flexbar (Islandia, NY) feature a newly designed universal positioning system incorporating a range of Electrical Interlocked Shields for a wide variety of machine guarding applications including mills, drill presses and band saws. 6 different sizes and styles available. Specific benefits include the following:

  • 3-Axis universal positioning allows all shields to be optimally employed in the hazardous machining area.
  • When the shield is swung out of position, the cam-operated limit switch opens the contacts and stops the machine.
  • All attached electrical wiring with flexible conduit are included, to allow connection to the safety circuit of the machine that switches off the control to the movement of the spindle.
  • All units also incorporate heavy-duty Lexan shields with rugged steel mounting and positioning posts.
  • Unit is protected beyond IPG rating.
  • All models are manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA standards.
  • Manufactured in the USA.; 631-582-8440

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