Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap

Mass Vac

Mass-Vac, Inc. of (North Billerica, MA)offers a vacuum pump inlet trap that combines a knockdown stage with multiple stainless steel gauze filters to protect extruder lines and vacuum pumps from the volatiles created by plastics extrusion processes.                  

The MV Multi-Trap Vacuum Inlet Trap features a full knockdown first stage baffle and a second stage of stainless steel gauze filters to protect extruder vent lines and pumps from volatile extrusion process byproducts. Superior to knockout pots, this trap is suitable for all plastic extruders.

Fabricated from 304 stainless steel, MV Multi-Trap Vacuum Inlet Traps are available for pump capacities to 2000 CFM.  Offered with 1.5” to 6.0” port sizes, options include drains and float switches for the automatic disposal of volatile compounds where necessary, and other filter types for vapors., 978-667-2393

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