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Plastic Systems Specialists

Why do metal finishers call on Tecnoplast USA?


Tecnoplast USA (Anderson, IN) is a manufacturer working with Thermoplastic materials in the following areas:

  • Metal finishing tanks.
  • Ventilation & scrubber systems.
  • Centrifugal Fans.
  • Turnkey metal finishing lines.

Metal finishing companies look to Tecnoplast USA when they are:

  • Concerned their tanks are not being engineered correctly, and do not take thermal expansion stresses and choosing the proper material into account for the specific application.
  • Frustrated with the high cost of lost production and chemical waste due to tank leaks.
  • Angry about tank failures resulting in worker exposure and the environmental clean-up.
  • Worried that their hazardous indoor air quality is causing corrosion on plant equipment and incoming unfinished goods.
  • Nervous about being in non-compliance with indoor and outdoor air quality with the EPA or OSHA.
  • Disturbed that chemical contaminants are causing employees to suffer headaches, fatigue, allergies, sinus congestion and dizziness, among other health issues.
  • Discouraged with improper fans in place that are not corrosion resistant.; 765-778-0943

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