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Self-Terminating Connectors for Variable Frequency Drives

The self-terminating connectors are designed to address a wide range of applications.

Service Wire

Service Wire (Culloden, WV) recently introduced their ServiceDrive VFD Cable System, their latest variable frequency drive protection offering. Features include:

  • Self-terminating connectors designed to address a wide range of applications.
  • Quicker, simplified installation.
  • A complete lineup of connectors for direct wire, liquid tight, NPT conduit and jacketed MC.
  • 360-degree termination of the VFD shield.
  • The complete system consists of cable, self-terminating connectors and termination kits.
  • The ServiceDrive tray and interlocked armor cables include configuration of three NFPA 79-compliant XLPE insulated conductors and three balanced grounds with helically applied 5-mil copper tape shield. 
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