Eagle XLD Bimodulus O-Rings

It addresses a major distribution center pain point: O-ring failure.

Fenner Sized

Fenner Precision Polymers (Manheim, PA), a Michelin Group Company, has announced the introduction of the new Eagle XLD O-ring. Through collaboration with Michelin, Fenner developed a hybrid, reinforced D-shaped belt to optimize load transfer. The result is a longer life solution for what can cost distribution centers tens of thousands of dollars with every incidence of O-ring failure.                                  

The new XLD O-rings deliver enhanced performance through the application of Fennerโ€™s polyurethane expertise, making the product more abrasion resistant compared to rubber and thermoplastic polyurethanes. According to Fenner, it is also stronger, and more resistant to heat than rubber. Specifically:                                   

  • Eagle XLD Bimodulus O-rings last up to six times longer than standard O-rings and provide four times greater roller-to-roller power transfer.
  • In addition, tension does not decay over the life of the belt. The combination of higher power transfer and load capacity allow for a conveyor design that can carry more with less motors, which translates to cost savings in belting, maintenance and energy costs. 
  • The lower- and higher-modulus materials optimize dynamic load capability. 
  • In addition, the D-shape optimizes the contact area to take advantage of the strength of the higher-modulus material. The result is a belt that is quick and easy to install with no need for special tools.                       

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