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Hybrid Extrusion Tool Eliminates Stack Up

Guill engineers designed this tool for applications with zero fault tolerance.

The 800 Series Hybrid from Guill.
The 800 Series Hybrid from Guill.

Guill (West Warwick, RI) has introduced a new version of its 800 series, known as 800 Series Hybrid.

In some extrusion applications that use crossheads and inlines, layers of the exact same material are applied multiple times, using a single die. This method is used to reduce the propensity for errors caused by gels breaking through a thin wall, weld lines, inconsistent wall thickness, plus material and process variations.

Additional errors include difficult-to-process materials and demanding applications where there is zero fault tolerance.

To overcome these challenges, the engineers at Guill created of the 800 Series Hybrid extrusion tool. Features include:

  • A common deflector bore that eliminates tolerance stack up.
  • Eliminating weld lines in materials through patented overlapping technology.
  • Reduced sensitivity to changes in viscosity.
  • Reduced sensitivity to changes in line speed.
  • Myriad material and multi-layer application possibilities.
  • The ability to work in all tubing and jacketing applications with a range of materials.
  • Low residence time.
  • A compact design.
  • A low tolerance stack-up error factor.
  • Improved concentricity. 
  • Reduced stagnation.

For more information, visit; or call 401-828-7600.

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