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Keystone's New 3.1 USB-C Plugs

The new plugs comply to new regulations while supporting increased data transfer and power transmission speeds.

Keystone's New 3.1 USB-C
Keystone's New 3.1 USB-C
Keystone Electronics

USB-C technology is the standard for charging a range of electrical devices and Keystone’s new USB 3.1 β€œType β€œC” Interconnects are ideal for use with future high-tech devices such as HD video, data and charging ports without separate power adapters. Possessing the smallest footprints of all USBs, these USB’s deliver PCB real estate reductions to accommodate a variety of devices, allowing them to be plugged in backwards or upside down and still function. USB-1 standards supported by these devices include:

  • 10Gbps top speed and up to 20V (100W), 3Amp Output.
  • Bidirectional power.
  • Orientation-Free cable applications.

For standard or custom USB-C cable assemblies, Keystone offers a Type β€œC” Plug Kit (Cat. No. 954) supplied unassembled with a metal housing shell ensuring excellent strain relief. The insulating material for the plug is UL94V-0 rated. For circuit board socket use, USB-C receptacle (Cat. No. 953) offers a hybrid mount configuration aiding SMT contact efficiency with durable solder connections to PCBs with THM devices.

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