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Environmentally Friendly Bio-Ultimax 1000 Hydraulic Fluid

The formulas perform like mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids but are friendly for the environment.

Bio-Ultimax 1000 GROUPING
Bio-Ultimax 1000 GROUPING
Renewable Lubricants

Renewable Lubricants (Hartville, OH) presents patented Bio-Ultimax 1000, readily biodegradable biosynthetic formulas which perform like mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids but are environmentally friendly. 

With oxidation performance comparable to full synthetics, this is one of the safest hydraulic fluids for the environment.

Bo-Ultimax super high Viscosity Index (VI) fluids are proven in systems up to 10,000 psi and in systems with ultra-fine filtration. 

To ensure performance and long life, Renewable Lubricants developed the stringent IsoGreen filtration standard which meets or exceeds the Rexroth pump guidelines for hydraulic fluids.  

Non-toxic, zinc-free formulations contain no heavy metals. In addition to enhancing performance, Bio-Ultimax helps companies achieve their sustainability goals.  They are ideal for use in all types of hydraulic systems.

Bio-Ultimax 1000 has improved thermal shear stability and increased load capacity. Their extremely low volatility increases the flash and fire safety features. 

Bio-Ultimax is ideal for hydraulic systems where low toxicity, biodegradability and non-bioaccumulation properties are required. 

These patented biobased hydraulic fluids are formulated to perform in high- and low-pressure hydraulic systems that require Anti-Wear (AW), anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-foam and demulisibility properties.

These biosynthetics provide improved performance in oxidation stability over standard plant/vegetable/HETG and unsaturated HEES type fluids. They are highly inhibited against moisture and rusting in both fresh and sea water and pass A and B sequences of the ASTM D-665 Turbine Oil Rust Test.

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