Find Rosenberg Fan with Rovent Software

Rosenberg Sized

Rosenburg USA (Indian Trail, NC) announces that its downloadable software can help you make the right fan choice for your air movement application. RoVent 10 provides operating-point-specific fan selection quickly and easily from more than 2,900 fan models. The software is kept current through regular automatic updates. Features include:                 

  • EasyFind: The simple introduction to the world of Rosenberg fans. Find the perfect fan, step by step.
  • DirectFind: Find your fan directly by inputting the article number or type.
  • ECFanGrid configuration: ECFanGrid parallel operating fan arrays are ideally suited for use in new air handling units and retrofit applications.  RoVent 10 lets you configure them quickly and easily.
  • Product documentation: All required documentation of fans and accessories is included in RoVent 10.
    Download RoVent 10 at
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