Oil Drain Plug Swivel Wrench Set

Lumax Sized

The 8-in-1 SAE & Metric oil drain plug swivel wrench set is a proprietary and patented design from Lumax (Fort Mill, SC). It features eight socket sizes all in one tool. Specifically:

  • The LX-1865 & LX-1866 fits most oil drain, transfer case and differential plugs.
  • The swivel head allows for easy access and fits all angles.
  • The oil drain plug swivel wrench is made from chrome molybdenum steel for strength and durability.
  • The heavy-duty yoke support withstands high torque applications.
  • The wrench features a built-in magnet to hold drain plugs or nuts.
  • The superior indexing feature locks the socket into working position.

www.lumax.com; 844-660-6876

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