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Extra Click During Tightening Tasks

An audible and tactile mechanism triggers when the set torque is reached.

Wera Sized

In many screwdriving challenges, bolts or nuts must be tightened with a defined torque. Torque wrenches are used for this purpose, which prevents further tightening after reaching the set torque value. The task should be easy, safe and carried out with as much satisfaction as possible. For this reason, Wera (Wuppertal, Germany) has now introduced the new torque range: Click-Torque. It contains 16 different wrenches, which offer the user an extra click during the tightening task. Benefits include:

  • Screw-stop-click: The screw-stop-click is already familiar to many users of the Wera torque screwdrivers range, where an audible and tactile mechanism triggers when the set torque is reached. Thus, the screwdriving process is completed acoustically and haptically.
  • Extra click: In addition, the Wera Tool Rebels, who challenge existing standards over and over again, have added an extra click to the new torque wrenches, which operates when adjusting the torque level. This is set by turning the handle and is displayed in two scales.
  • Torques up to 1,000 Nm: The new Click Torque Wrenches come in three variants: hexagonal or square drive reversible ratchet or with a square mount for 9 x 12 mm or 14 x 18 mm insert tools. Torques of 2.5 to 1,000 Nm can be reached with the 16 different models. All torque wrenches are suitable for clockwise torque-control and suit and meet the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 6789-1: 2017-07. With 45 teeth, the fine mechanism of the reversible ratchets ensures a particularly small return angle of only 8 degrees.
  • Flexible with insert tools: Torque wrenches Click-Torque X1 to X6 for insert tools are designed for both clockwise and anti-clockwise torque-control. There are 89 different insert tools available, which ensure maximum flexibility. Depending on the application, the user can now operate different profiles with just a single torque wrench.
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