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CE-Compliant Cold Gun

The Cold Gun is a low cost alternative to expensive mist systems.

Exair2 Sized

In addition to producing a cold, quiet stream of air to reduce heat buildup on machining operations, the Cold Gun Aircoolant System from EXAIR (Cincinnati, OH) has also met the rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards of the European Union in order to attain the CE mark.

The Cold Gun is a low cost alternative to expensive mist systems. It eliminates the ongoing costs associated with the purchase, filtration and disposal of liquid coolants. In addition, there are no worker related health problems resulting from breathing airborne coolants or slipping on wet shop floors. Additionally:

  • There are no moving parts to wear out.
  • An improved muffler on the hot air exhaust reduces the noise level to a quiet 70 dBA. 
  • A flexible ball and socket hose that holds its position is used to direct the cold air to the point of use. 
  • A magnetic base provides easy mounting and portability.
  • The Cold Gun Aircoolant System is non-adjustable to prevent freeze-up during continuous use. 

It is ideal for machining applications which include tool sharpening, drill and cutter grinding, milling, drilling, surface grinding, band sawing, plastic machining, plunge and form grinding.

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