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Screw-in, Cartridge-Style Hand Pump

This hand pump displaces hydraulic fluids.

Doering Sized

Doering Company (Clear Lake, MN) announces the introduction of the DCHP102 screw-in, cartridge-style hand pump with integrated dual check valves. Ideal for hydraulic backup, hydrostatic testing, heavy-equipment parking brakes and safety applications, this hand pump displaces hydraulic fluids. Specifically:

  • The seat is made from hardened steel for long operating life.
  • Doering’s standard plating, used on the DCHP102, has superior corrosion resistance.
  • The piston is treated and hardened for improved wear and corrosion, heat and friction resistance.
  • Doering’s DCHP102 hand pumps are available for operating pressures of 2,100 psi (145 bar) or 3,000 psi (207 bar).; 320-743-2276

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