Data-Driven Circuit Breakers

Phoenix Contact Sized

CAPAROC, the new electronic circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact (Middletown, PA), uses data-driven power modules to customize overcurrent protection. With numerous feed-in power modules, circuit breakers, potential distribution modules and current rails, CAPAROC makes it easy to design an intelligent system with communication. The power feed-in module, available in status reset or PROFINET versions, is the “brain” of the system. The status reset uses standard digital input/output to communicate the status of the breakers and to reset tripped channels. The PROFINET power module allows complete control and monitoring of the breakers. Additionally:

  • The CAPAROC modules, designed for 12 to 24 V DC applications, include features such as cascaded channel start-up, intelligent tripping, active current limitation, and intelligent load shedding.
  • The system includes remote diagnostics and remote reset, increasing safety and reducing downtime. The tricolored LEDs indicate each channel’s operating state.
  • The circuit breaker modules are available in 1-, 2-, and 4-channel options. All parts of the system are UL 508 Listed.
  • Select part numbers are approved specifically for NEC Class 2, Class I, Division 2, or triple-rated hazardous locations.

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