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Cutting-Edge Signal Beacons, Towers

The latest visual and audible solutions can apply to a wide range of factory applications.

Patlite Sized

PATLITE (Torrance, CA) announces the latest cutting-edge visual and audible solutions, the USB Type-C-powered NE-USB compact beacon and the new line of network signal towers, the NHV Series. Specifically:

  • The NE-USB is a multi-colored LED signal beacon powered and controlled by one USB cable for streamlined connectivity that can apply to a wide range of factory applications. 
  • The NE-USB is available in two distinct models: the NE-SN-USB and the NE-WN-USB. 
  • The NE-SN-USB model features an option for stationary, magnet and ¼-inch screw mounting, while the NE-WN-USB features an IP65 protection rating and can mount via a pole or wall attachment. 
  • Both models of the NE-USB come equipped with a milky lens that harmonizes with every environment to suit modern workplaces and facilities. Additionally, the NE-USB comes standard with seven selectable LED colors (red, green, blue, amber, cyan, purple and white) for the most compact and versatile visual signaling around. 
  • Alternatively, PATLITE’s new NHV network signal tower series offers network peace of mind with four distinct models: the NHV, the NHV-D, the NHV-DP and the NHV-M. Each model of the NHV line comes standard with a myriad of features, including cloud control, audio playback (MP3), TTS (Text to Speech) and more. 
  • The NHV network signal tower series is ideal for reporting errors in other network devices and systems and can instantly notify statuses with clear and superior light and sound indication. 

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