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Intelligent Control of Pneumatic and Electric Finishing Equipment

The Intelligent Paint Kitchen is a smart system that optimizes factory paint circulation and supply.

Fw Graco

Graco Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) recently announced new advancements that digitally connect all types of industrial paint mix room equipment. Graco’s Intelligent Paint Kitchen (IPK) now offers remote management of both pneumatic and electric paint supply and circulation pumps.

“The Intelligent Paint Kitchen used to be only for electric pumps,” said Blake Erickson, product manager for Graco’s Industrial Products Division. “Layering on intelligent control to pneumatic equipment can be a game changer for established operations that use compressed air.”

The Intelligent Paint Kitchen is a smart set of sensors, actuators and control modules that communicate with each other to optimize factory paint circulation and supply.

In addition to Graco E-Flo DC electric pumps, the Intelligent Paint Kitchen now delivers closed loop pressure, flow mode and a new hybrid mode to these pneumatic pumps: Endura-Flo™, Glutton and High-Flo.

“It’s not either electric or pneumatic; IPK can manage both electric and pneumatic equipment at the same time,” said Erickson.

Software for the new hybrid mode allows paint circulation to run in the most efficient way possible over time. To set up hybrid mode:

  • The end user enters target pressure and flow rates.
  • Throughout the day, the system automatically adjusts pump speed and BPR to stay within the operating target window.

Hybrid mode is ideal for manufacturers who want to improve energy efficiency and prevent paint degradation., 800-275-5574

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