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Electronic Gaging Probes and Displays

Mitutoyo offers their new 519 Series of electronic gauging probes and displays.

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Mitutoyo offers their new 519 Series of electronic gaging probes and displays that feature:

  • High-resolution lever-head probes for multi-point measurements of small parts, flatness and straightness measurement on the X/Y table, as well as runout measurement of shafts.
  • The cartridge head type can be built into equipment due to a slimmer, compact shape.
  • Probes are offered with a standard measuring force of 0.2N, or a low measuring force of 0.02N.
  • Optional styli, extension rods and brackets are available.
  • Both digital and analog display models offer zero setting with the touch of a button.
  • Additional models allow for multi-probe measuring systems.      

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