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Not Understanding the Model-Based Enterprise Could Hold You Back

The industry has reached a 'tipping point.'

According to a new report from iBase-t, the manufacturing industry has reached a “tipping point.” when it comes to the current state of the model-based enterprise.

The company cites a survey showing 61 percent agreeing that paperless manufacturing is very important, and believe MBE adoption would mean fewer errors, improved manufacturing assessment, enabled anywhere operation, and lead to more automation with less tedious work.

While the benefits are understood, an astonishing 55 percent of those same stakeholders said they lack a clear understanding of what the model-based enterprise looks like. And what manufacturers don't understand about MBE, will hold them back. 

Watch as editors David Mantey and Jeff Reinke break down iBase-t's latest report on Building the Model-Based Enterprise, and learn about the key dynamics of MBE, the critical role other systems play, and the mistakes to avoid in realizing all the potential benefits. 

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