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Gen Z in Manufacturing: Young Workers Can Challenge the Traditional Process

Providing mentorship, guidance and challenges to Gen Z workers opens the door for innovation.

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Welcome to another episode of Gen Z in Manufacturing, a podcast where I interview young workers about their jobs in the manufacturing industry and what they look for from an employer.

For this episode, I welcome Max Fisher, a 25-year-old product manager at Infor, a company that provides business cloud software products specialized by industry.

Fisher began working for Infor in 2021 after graduating from Furman and Clemson. While in college, Fisher collected three bachelor's degrees and two master's degrees and won an ACC Championship as a member of the Clemson Tigers men's soccer team.

Fisher has held three roles at Infor and currently manages Infor's newly launched Enterprise Automation solution and Innovation Showcase program. In this role, Fisher combines his technical, organizational, communication and business skills to bring a product to market and grow the Infor OS business.

Much of Fisher's time is spent with other Gen Z-aged workers. He helps manage an intern program, and his direct team features three recent college graduates. Communicating with workers his age comes easily, but Fisher stressed the importance of receiving guidance, mentorship and challenges from more experienced colleagues.

Fisher added that this presence allows younger workers to ask questions about traditional processes, which could lead to streamlining and innovation.

In this episode, Fisher discusses:

  • How he transitioned from college to his role at Infor. (1:02)
  • What drew him to Infor. (2:24) 
  • How his duties have changed across three jobs at one company. (3:22)
  • How he handled the increase in responsibilities. (4:15)
  • His role in advancing the manufacturing industry. (5:07)
  • Working with other Gen Z workers and older generations. (7:09)
  • Bridging the generation gap in the workplace. (9:00)
  • Dealing with tension between generations. (10:10)
  • The pros and cons of working remotely. (11:31)
  • Advice for attracting and retaining Gen Z talent. (12:23)
  • How Gen Z can contribute to innovation in software development. (13:01)

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