FAA Clears Flying Car; Chrysler's Jet Car; Aero Startup Renames Hypersonic Vehicle | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 126

Also on the podcast, Ford's product chief shakes things up, Boeing supplier averts significant work stoppage, Tesla sales jump 83 percent, Stellantis EVs will reach 435-mile range and defensive tactics that fend off cyberattacks.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

Striking Workers at Key Boeing Supplier Approve New Contract - @2:39

Workers at Spirit AeroSystems last week agreed to a new contract and ended their brief strike. It was good news for Boeing.

Insider Q&A: Ford Product Chief Wants to Turn Car Sensors Into Features Customers Will Buy - @14:19

In a recent interview, Doug Field, the head of Ford Advanced Product Development, says the automaker is getting away from components with individual computers that run on OEM software.

Historic Experimental Chrysler Jet Car Gets Feature-Length Documentary - @28:18

"The Chrysler Turbine Car: Engineering a Revolution" follows the carmaker's attempt in the 1950s to disrupt the automotive industry with a multimillion-dollar turbine research program.

Aerospace Startup Drops Suggestive Name for Hypersonic Vehicle - @37:29

Space Engine Systems is a small Canadian startup creating a hypersonic demonstrator vehicle formerly called the "Sexbomb."

FAA Clears ASKA's Flying Car - @44:36

The ASKA A5 is the world’s first flying car to start the type certification process with the FAA.

In Case You Missed It

Security Breach: Data That Will Identify and Defeat Hackers - @54:52

The sensor and communication technology associated with remote monitoring capabilities has proven to be both a time-saving and productivity enhancing tool, as well as a potentially debilitating cyber defense vulnerability for the industrial sector.

Tesla Sales Jump 83% - @59:36

Tesla is having a moment.

Stellantis Says New EVs Will Get Up to 435 Miles Per Charge - @1:06:25

The carmaker's new compact and midsize electric vehicles will be able to go up to 435 miles per charge.

Trivia - @1:17:51

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