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Ford Mustang Adds Remote Rev Feature

The 2024 Ford Mustang has a new feature of questionable usefulness.

A good key fob really only needs to lock and unlock a vehicle. If it can pop the trunk and start the vehicle remotely, even better. But the 2024 Ford Mustang has taken it a step further by adding a new feature of questionable usefulness.

The automaker this week revealed details for the “Remote Rev” feature accompanying the newest Mustang’s key fob. Owners will be able to remotely rev the engine on all V8 Mustang models as well as 2.3L automatic models with Ford Active Exhaust. Pressing the lock and unlock button in short succession will activate the feature and the Mustang will rev to 2,000 RPMs. Pressing the buttons again will fully activate it and the car will rev three times, from 3,000 to 5,000 RPMs.

The feature only works when the vehicle is running and only after it’s reached an optimal temperature from a cold start. And it’s unclear if it serves any purpose besides being loud. But loudness is one of the key selling points for any performance car, so there you go.

Ford marked the start of the Remote Rev Era by looking back on its decades of automotive key innovations. The first Mustang key debuted in 1965 and soon after became double sided so drivers could insert the key into the ignition tumbler without having to first make sure it was right side up.

In 1994, Ford Mustangs began including optional key fobs and by 1996, they included a passive anti-theft system linked to the key’s transponder. In the years since, Ford Mustangs have gained features like remote start, app-based controls, a “beating heart” push-button start and smartphones as keys. And now, the legendary nameplate will let drivers rev the engine without needing to step on the gas.

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