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Red Wing Made a Real Pair of Super Mario's Boots

The 118-year-old shoemaker included a nod to the hero's preferred power-up.

U.S. shoe manufacturer Red Wing made a real pair of Super Mario’s boots. A short video shows the boots being made by hand.

The company said Mario’s boots are crafted from seasoned leather, with a reinforced toe box and rounded heel.

The footwear also includes a mushroom-based, mycelium heel pad as a nod to the hero’s preferred power-up.

The boots were created as a promotional tie-in for the upcoming film “Super Mario Bros. Movie.”

The one-of-a-kind pair made their debut on March 10th (Mario Day) at the Nintendo Store in Manhattan.

Red Wing, which is based in Minnesota, has been making work boots for 118 years and said it’s “excited to deliver that same ambition and energy to Mario’s boots.”

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