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Heinz Seeking Man Who Survived on Ketchup While Lost at Sea

He lived off a bottle of ketchup and some seasonings.

Heinz is on the hunt for a man named Elvis.

The food company has put out a call on social media, asking if observers can help them track down this individual, who they describe as a “brave sailor.”

According to CBS News, Elvis Francois drifted out to sea while working on his boat on the shores of St. Maarten back in December and was unable to navigate back.

After scrawling the word “help” on the back of his boat, he was left with nothing to do but wait to be rescued.

Eventually discovered by the Colombian Navy, he reported that he’d survived the 3+ weeks on little more than a bottle of ketchup and some seasonings.

Now Heinz wants to send Francois a gift they described as a “new, state-of-the-art boat … equipped with full navigational technology to avoid another disaster in the future."

Utilizing the Instagram hashtag #FindtheKetchupBoatGuy, Heinz urges followers to help track down Francois so they can give him the boat.

It remains to be seen whether or not Francois surfaces long enough to take advantage of this Heinz campaign to “celebrate his safe return home.”

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