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GM Nets Patent for Touchscreen That Cleans Itself Overnight

When exposed to UV light, it pulls moisture from the air.

While the prevalence of touchscreens has, in many ways, changed technology for the better, they come with one big drawback.

Smudges and fingerprints are ever-present on these surfaces, even in the face of screen safe cleaners and constant buffing.

Automaker GM has developed a solution that it hopes to apply to the touchscreen devices it uses in many of its newest vehicle dashboards.

The company recently received a patent for what’s described as a “self-cleaning system for displays.”

New Atlas describes the process as a kind of photocatalyst that, when exposed to UV light, pulls moisture from the air.

The oxidation process then essentially kills “most organic material on the surface, breaking down oil residues and other debris as well.”

After it sterilizes the screen and the UV light is taken away, the screen becomes water resistant once again.

The process can reportedly be triggered at any time, but more than likely users will want to initiate it while their vehicle sits overnight.

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