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Shuttered McDonald’s Restaurants Reopen with Very Generic Names

Would you like fries with your "beef tasty"?

Earlier this month, McDonald's severed ties with Food Solutions KZ in Kazakhstan because of supply chain issues. According to Reuters, the restaurant stopped sourcing from Russia and was struggling to replace them. 

Well, several of the restaurants reopened this week, but without the golden arches. Instead, the former licensee opted for no branding at all and very generic names. For example, one restaurant opened as "Cheeseburger." But what will be on the menu? 

So far, at least hamburgers, chicken and fish, as well as chicken nuggets and ice cream. And yes, you'll still be able to get fries with that. Some of the menu items include the "Beef Tasty," "Chicken Tasty," "Grand Cheeseburger," and "Fish Burger," according to Mike Eckel on Twitter. 

However, it's unknown where the restaurateur will be sourcing the ingredients.  

Food Solutions KZ says it will maintain the same quality and service standards and plans to roll out a new brand. 

When McDonald's pulled out of Russia following the Ukrainian invasion, its restaurants were rebranded as "Tasty and That's It." The same company recently tried to register its trademark in Kazakhstan, so we'll see if these Cheeseburgers become something more imaginative, like Tasty and That's It. 

Some restaurants only have a sign that says, "We're open."

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