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Self-Driving Shuttle Concept Doubles as Dentist Office

This new patio concept is an elevator, self-driving vehicle, dentist office and so much more.

An enclosed patio can provide stunning views and some extra living space but, other than that, mostly just sits in one place. But a new concept from Italdesign takes that idea and turns it into an elevator, self-driving vehicle, dentist office and so much more.

At this year’s CES, the design firm debuted Climb-E, a capsule that attaches to a living space to provide instant access to a vehicle that can either take you out into the world or bring the world to you.

The company described Climb-E as a modular means of transportation. When at home, it offers some extra space for hanging out, watching movies, working out and other activities. When at work, it offers an expanded office space. And when it’s time to hit the road, the Climb-E literally scales the outside of a building, taking you up and down like an elevator, and attaches to a skid, which is what the company calls its on-demand, autonomous driving platforms. When the skids aren’t driving Climb-E capsules around town, they’re tucked into underground charging stations.

The skid can take the Climb-E to other buildings, where it can be attached to another hoist, or it can deliver it to other forms of transportation like a hyperloop, which can help facilitate longer journeys. So, hypothetically, you could hop into a box attached to your house and end up at a faraway destination without ever having to leave your seat.

If you’d rather not go out, the Climb-E can be configured to provide lots of real-world services right from home. The company’s demonstration shows a capsule capable of functioning as a dentist’s office, doctor’s office, restaurant, bar or a dance club. Imagine, a dentist ascending the side of your building so they can enter your home and work on your teeth. Doesn’t sound terrifying at all!

For now, the Climb-E is still very much a concept. Italdesign is working with Schindler on perfecting the vertical mobility aspect and it’s studying how best to incorporate Climb-E into existing architecture. With the interior LED displays and exterior lighting, it’s easy to imagine how the Climb-E could create interesting visual features on the outside of buildings.

The Climb-E is likely years away from being a reality but if it does happen, it will offer a uniquely painless travel option, aside from the whole “doctors and dentists in your home” thing.

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