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Bugatti to Reveal Mystery Vehicle It Never Made

How much would you pay for one-of-a-kind car that you’ve never seen?

The Bugatti brand is perhaps best known for its exclusivity and price.

Luxury car enthusiasts need more than just enthusiasm to get themselves behind the wheel of one of these models, with the least expensive – the Veyron – pushing $2 million. And if you’ve got money to burn you could try the Bugatti La Voiture Noire , which sets you back nearly $19 million.

But despite their hefty price tags, these Bugatti models have one thing going for them: they’re pictures, specs and performance stats are pasted all over the internet. How much would you pay for a Bugatti you’ve never seen?

The French automaker is about to find out on December 21st, when it plans to unveil a one-of-a-kind vehicle alongside auction house RM Sotheby’s – leading many to believe this gem will be going up for sale.

The subject of the reveal is being teased by Bugatti as “an automotive solitaire.” More specifically, Bugatti says this hypercar never made it to production.

Looking at the image that Bugatti is showcasing on their website leads some to believe that the design is based on another popular model – the Chiron – but with a fixed rear wing.

And while it sounds a little crazy, Carscoops points out that Bugatti has actually done this before. They point to three vehicles the carmaker unveiled in 2020, but never produced.

Back to reality, Bugatti also announced this week that they’ve completed deliveries on their limited run Centodieci – described as “a modern-day tribute to the company’s legendary EB110 super sports car.” They say the tenth and final Centodieci is now its owner, “bringing to an end a significant chapter in the modern era of Bugatti coachbuilding.”

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