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Skiing Triggers Emergency Calls from Apple Crash Detection Tech

The same thing is happening on roller coasters.

Apple’s Crash Detection technology is triggering iPhones and watches to dial 911 for users not in danger.

According to dispatchers in Utah, skiing has caused an increase in non-emergency calls, reports.

If the technology detects a crash, the Apple device shows a message on the screen and sounds an alarm. 

But if the user does not respond in 20 seconds, the device sends an automated voice message to an emergency call center. 

A dispatch center supervisor said unaware users often do not hear the answer to the calls. 

If dispatchers cannot reach the user, they notify the ski patrol. 

In October, the Wall Street Journal reported a user’s phone called 911 while on a roller coaster. 

The supervisor does not consider accidental calls inconvenient and encourages users to keep the default setting on.

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