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Binmaster BinCloud

Monitor inventory for multiple sites across a wide geography with just one login

Does your company have multiple locations? Many bins, tank, and silos?

BinCloud makes it easy to monitor inventory for multiple sites across a wide geography with just one login.

BinCloud SiteView puts all your bins on one view in the BinCloud app, so you don’t need to open each site to manage inventory.

You can set up custom views by material or supplier.

See a complete overview of how much material you have between all sites, to better purchase, manage, and move material between sites.

You have admin control over who sees what sites and materials, and can create custom roles so people see only the data they need.
BinCloud sends text and email alerts when levels get too high or low and lets you run usage reports for a specific date range.

Days until empty forecasts when you will run out, so you can optimize your supply chain.

BinCloud makes bulk material inventory simple and secure.

BinMaster even sets up your account for you.

We set up each location, and each location gets a location number.

Then a street address, phone number, and contact person are added, a nd a google map pinpoints the location.

Then we connect one or multiple gateways at each location, and associate one or more level sensors with each vessel.

For each location you can see the number of bins associated with BinCloud.

Everyone on BinCloud sees the same inventory data. It’s time to do away with … Spreadsheets, Downtime,  Over-ordering and Late deliveries.

Don’t wait … Automate!

Contact an inventory guru at 800-278-4241 or visit

Fast. Friendly. That’s BinMaster.

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