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Security Breach: If You Have Data and Money, You're Vulnerable

A lack of digital security expertise has combined with an abundance of industrial sector data to create a perfect storm for hackers.

According to a recent survey performed by Rackspace - a provider of multi-cloud services and security, two of the top cybersecurity challenges facing companies is a shortage of workers with cybersecurity skills – listed by 39 percent of respondents, and a lack of visibility of vulnerabilities across all infrastructure – listed by 42 percent of respondents.

While skills gap issues permeate through all sectors of the manufacturing landscape, it’s simultaneously encouraging and chilling to see that nearly 2 in 5 companies know they need more cybersecurity expertise, but are unable to find it.

Similarly, there are some positive takeaways from seeing that enterprises are aware of their lack of knowledge to key vulnerabilities, but concerning that such a higher percentage are dealing with this kind of problem. Both findings help reinforce the dangerous times in which the industrial sector continues to operate.

Joining us to discuss this situation is Gary Alterson, Vice President of Security at Rackspace Technology.

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