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Someone Turned a Dodge Viper Into a Stretch Limo

The Viper is 25 feet long and "drives great."

Someone has converted a 1996 Dodge Viper into a stretch limo and put it up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

The vehicle, which is listed for $160,000, is 25 feet long and “drives great.”

It includes a 390hp motor and enough seating for 12 people, though it only includes seatbelts for 10.

The seller has pitched the blue and white Viper limo as a rolling advertisement that could be used for parades and other special events.

They even fabricated a trailer hitch for the limo so it could potentially tow a parade float.

The Dodge Viper was in production from 1991 until 2017 when it was discontinued.

Despite Dodge ending production for the Viper, the automaker still sold five in 2019 and four in 2020.

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