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The Tools You Need to Simplify Exporting has joined forces with EXIM Bank in offering a collection of videos discussing the most significant obstacles U.S. manufacturers face in growing their exporting business. 

Over the last two years, manufacturers have faced a number of supply chain challenges, not the least of which is finding ways to increase their export business. One of these challenges is simply becoming more comfortable with a marketplace that not only represents a new customer base, but also resides in a foreign country with different customs and ways of doing business. 

In fact, a survey conducted by EXIM Bank and showed that over 40 percent of manufacturers consider a lack of familiarity with foreign operating markets as a leading barrier to increasing exports.

In this video, Industrial Equipment News and editors Anna Wells and Jeff Reinke discuss a number of topics related to this dynamic, including:

  • Thinking Global but building local.
  • IP protection.
  • Working with partners with international experience.
  • Understanding which markets are the best fit.
  • Forecasting in new markets.
  • Avoiding the short-term in looking bigger picture to develop strategies.

Additional information on growing your export business can also found via EXIM bank - the official export credit agency of the United States. More information is available at

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