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World's Largest Cruise Ship to Be Sold for Scrap

Before it ever sets sail.

The world’s largest cruise ship, in terms of passenger capacity, will be sold for scrap before it even gets a chance to set sail.

According to the Daily Mail, the $1.4 billion Global Dream II was built to carry 9,000 passengers aboard its 20 decks.

The 1,122 foot-long boat was going to include amenities such as a cinema and a water park.

German-Hong Kong company MV Werften was nearly finished building the massive vessel when it went bankrupt in early 2022.

The ship has yet to find a buyer and needs to be out of a German shipyard by the end of 2023.

The pandemic has been extremely tough for the global travel industry amid lockdowns and concerns over the virus.

That includes the cruise industry, which has seen production halted at many shipyards where cruise ships are constructed.

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