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Business Giving $55M in Bonuses to Frontline Workers

In an effort to keep talent and combat the impact of inflation.

Employers in retail are raising the stakes to keep coveted talent and combat the impact of inflation.

Home improvement chain Lowe’s announced it will spend $55 million on bonuses for its frontline hourly employees.

The company is also offering 20% discounts on household and cleaning items to the workers.

This comes as manufacturers lose workers to retail and warehouse.

An opinion piece from the Washington Post reported the manufacturing industry saw a 58% shift for “quits levels” in late 2021 compared to pre-pandemic.

The Post’s article contends average hourly pay for a “rank-and-file” factory worker is lower than the average for all private-sector nonsupervisory workers. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the transportation and warehousing industry paid an average hourly wage of $26.23 in July.

Manufacturing paid $25.09 in the same month, with nondurable goods manufacturing at $23.17.

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