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Torched Manufacturing Building Not Up To Code

The fire has been burning for days.

Last Sunday, a manufacturing building storing alcohol-based hand sanitizer in Chickasha, Oklahoma, caught fire.

While the blaze continues days later, new developments have come to light. 

WATCH: Manufacturing Building Storing Hand Sanitizer Burns Down 

Judah Sheppard, with the State Fire Marshal’s Office, revealed the structure “was not up to code for them to use it as a storage facility.”

Additionally, the Chickasha Fire Department had not issued any occupancy for the building, which investigators said had been empty for years. 

The 120,000-square-foot facility held approximately 1.5 million gallons of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in about 8,000 pallets stacked halfway to the ceiling. 

When nearly 100 firefighters arrived on the scene, they didn’t use water on the fire to prevent the alcohol from contaminating groundwater. 

Now, they are monitoring the area and letting the fire burn itself out.

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