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SpaceX Awarding $25,000 for Hacking Starlink

This comes after someone hacked Starlink on a homemade device.

SpaceX is encouraging people to hack its satellite internet constellation, Starlink.

Business Insider reported those who prove successful could earn up to $25,000 through a bug bounty program. 

The company recently released a document titled “Starlink Welcomes Security Researchers (Bring on the Bugs)” after a researcher said he hacked Starlink on a homemade device.  

The hacking “job listing” is on SpaceX’s bug bounty website,

Those that conduct non-disruptive tests and report vulnerabilities could receive a reward from $100 to $25,000. 

Reward amounts depend on targets, which are split into the categories of web/network and product/infrastructure. 

The website claims SpaceX has issued an average payout of $972.85. 

SpaceX also updates a “Hall of Fame” leaderboard that features researchers who have earned the most points finding vulnerabilities.

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