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Bezos, Gates Hunting for Buried Treasure to Power EVs

Melting ice is revealing land that had been buried for centuries.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are hoping to find the next development in electric vehicles and batteries in Greenland.

The two are among a group of billionaires who have invested in KoBold Metals, an AI-powered mineral exploration startup from California.

CNN reports the company is searching for nickel and cobalt deposits under Greenland’s ice.

KoBold Metals has partnered with Bluejay Mining plc, a British company focusing on Greenland exploration projects. 

The project is made possible by melting land ice, which reveals land that had been buried for centuries.

The teams consist of 30 pilots, geophysicists, geologists, cooks and mechanics searching Disko Island and Nuussuaq Peninsula.

Teams are also using drones and helicopters to measure subsurface layers.

A KoBold Metals spokesperson told Business Insider it is looking for a discovery that could result in powering 100 million electric vehicles.

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