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Tesla Gets Its Own Lane at U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing

It was part of the deal that moved Tesla's headquarters to Texas.

Tesla can now enjoy its very own exclusive lane at a U.S.-Mexico border crossing near Laredo, Texas.

Alongside lanes reserved for cars and trucks is a large, lighted “Tesla” sign directing Tesla suppliers to pass.

According to Bloomberg, the lane connects with Nuevo Leon, one of Mexico’s more business-friendly states.

The lane was provided as an incentive in a deal that recently saw Tesla move its headquarters to Austin, Texas.

Nuevo Leon Economy Minister Ivan Rivas said the crossing is aimed at expediting the process and boosting efficiency.

It’s a little unclear how the deal came about, how the lane operates and who exactly can use the lane.

But Rivas said there’s a possibility that other companies could have similar lanes in the future.

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