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Pick Fabricated Steam Injection Heater

Do you need an unlimited and instantaneous supply of hot water, but have a process flow rate,  pressure rating, or a special material of construction that falls outside the design of typical process heating equipment? Then you should consider a Pick Fabricated Steam Injection Heater.  

They can accommodate flow rates of up to 25,000 GPM.  Pickโ€™s Fabricated Heaters can also be made in special alloys such as AL-6XN, Hastelloy, Duplex 2205,

Titanium, and Inconel. Designs can adhere to piping specifications that call for pressure ratings up to ANSI Class 1500.  

These heaters are ideal for applications such as industrial wastewater, [8] reactor heating, alumina slurry heating, condensate mixing, and white water heating.

Have a project with special requirements?  The engineers at Pick Heaters Inc. stand ready to respond.
Pick Heaters dependable & precise process heating solutions since 1945. 

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