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Man Escapes Burning Tesla After Electronic Shutdown

He was trapped inside.

Noticing those vehicle dashboard lights illuminating to indicate an issue might not seem so intimidating after seeing the car troubles this Tesla driver endured. 

Jamil Jutha was driving a 2021 Tesla Model Y in North Vancouver when, all of a sudden, the vehicle lost all power to the electronic components and shut down. However, Jutha could not exit the car because the doors would not open and the windows would not go down. 

Then the problem got worse. 

Jutha noticed smoke coming through the air vents and filling the cabin. With the doors and windows not responding, Jutha decided to force his way out by kicking through a window. 

Jutha called 911 immediately after exiting and found some construction workers to help him redirect traffic around the vehicle that began to burn as he was concerned the battery might explode. 

The fire department eventually put out the fire after it had entered the car’s interior. 

A Model Y’s doors are designed to open electronically at the touch of a button. In emergencies where the car loses power, the section of the door with window control switches acts as a lever that can lift and open the door.

Jutha said the mechanical release is not exactly instinctive in a panic situation and said other Tesla drivers should familiarize themselves with the feature. 

Investigators will examine the vehicle in an attempt to discover a cause.

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