Security Breach: The JBS Ransomware Attack One Year Later

A look at the lessons learned and what it means for industrial cybersecurity moving forward.

JBS Foods is a $30B meat processor that most people didn’t know about until they paid ransomware attackers REvil $11M last June in order to get plants in the U.S. and Brazil up and running, and prevent what is believed to be up to 5 TB of data from being leaked.

According to, the hackers obtained leaked credentials from employees in Australia and began probing the company’s network and extracting data three months prior to issuing their demands.

SecurityScorecard estimates that over 20 percent of food companies have a known vulnerability, and nearly 400 have suffered a breach and/or attack.

To help shed some light on these vulnerabilities, and how to prevent or respond to them, we’re excited to welcome Matt Parsons, Director of Network and Security Product Management at Sungard Availability Services to the program. Sungard is a leading provider of network and cloud computing security services.

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