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Plane Crash May Have Been Intentional

The plane was sent into a near-vertical nosedive.

In March, a China Eastern flight crashed in China and killed all 132 passengers and crew on board.

The Boeing 737-800 passenger jet was on its way from Kunming to Guangzhou when it went down on March 21.

It’s still unclear what caused the crash but a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests it may have been intentional.

The publication said that black box data points toward someone using the plane’s controls to send it into a near-vertical nosedive.

Air traffic controllers and nearby planes sent multiple calls to the flight but the pilots and crew did not respond.

When the plane hit the ground, it was going so fast that it created a 66-foot deep hole in the ground.

Officials who spoke with ABC News said the plane’s flaps were not engaged and the landing gear wasn’t put down.

They said the plane’s descent likely would have required intentional force.

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