Chip-Bot Intentionally Less than Perfect

The AI looks to capture human errors that customers enjoy.

According to a recent report from Business Insider, the chain restaurant Chipotle is trying out a new tortilla chip-making robot.

Dubbed Chippy, it has been programmed to intentionally make less-than-perfect chips so they taste like they were made by a human.

The AI looks to capture human errors that the company says their customers enjoy, like that chip with a little too much salt or extra taste of lime.

Made by Miso Robotics, Chippy is currently being tested at Chipotle's test kitchen in Irvine, California, with plans to start working in a California restaurant later this year.

Miso has also worked with other restaurant chains, including a burger-flipping, fry-making bot for White Castle.

The burger chain reportedly saw positive results and ordered 100 more flippin’ bots.

These automated options are seen as a possible solution to labor shortages.

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