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Binmaster: BinCloud App

BinCloud is an app that puts you on top of inventory…and keeps you off ladders and the top of silos.

Chances are, you’re overloaded with repetitive manual work, and disconnected systems.

BinCloud eliminates many manual workflows, and puts all the inventory info you need in one place.

So say Goodbye to unnecessary walking, Cherio climbing, Toodle-oo tape measures, so long spreadsheets, and to math…good riddance.

With BinCloud, you only need to lift a finger. Seriously. One. Finger. Inventory.

BinCloud is like having a team of material measurers working 24/7 for you.

So who measures my silo stuff? Super sensors!

Radars, Lasers, SmartBobs, 3DLevelScanners.

Once installed on a bin roof, these sensors take measurements continuously or at specified time intervals.

Sensor data goes to the Cloud then the BinView app presents the data simply on your phone.

You get a QuickView with a visual of each bin.

Scrolling through the app, bins are color-coded by inventory level and organized by location or material.

The Bincloud app works with the entire family of BinMaster software like BinView, AgriView, CementView, ResinView or FeedView.

Ready to rumble? BinCloud app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

BinView is wherever you are at work. At play. Nearby or far away.

BinMaster is here to make life easier inventory reliable and work safe.

Let’s connect for a demo and fast price quote!

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