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Cops Confused after Pulling Over Driverless Taxi

It was stopped for a minor traffic violation.

Cruise, the driverless taxi service company, had a unique encounter with the San Francisco Police Department.

On April 1, one of Cruiseโ€™s vehicles was pulled over for not having its headlights on, Business Insider reports

The police officer approached the Cruise vehicle, a Chevrolet Bolt, and quickly discovered the car was empty. 

As soon as the police officer began walking back to his car, the Cruise taxi moved forward through an intersection, pulled over again and turned on its hazards. 

Cruise said the car behaved as it was programmed.

The company added a phone line exists for the San Francisco Police Department to call for these situations. 

Cruise, a subsidiary of GM, began the driverless taxi service in San Francisco in February where users can request rides on an app from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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